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Currently a range of products are stocked the UK, at The New Craftsmen and online at The Room Service. They can be ordered through the retailers below. For any bespoke orders please email on the About page.


The New Craftsmen

Champions of craft and its makers, since 2012 we have injected energy and dynamism into the contemporary craft scene in the UK through our unique vision and approach to the commissioning, curation and sale of British craft. Our values of humanity, integrity and imagination have underpinned our mission to showcase exceptional work, support the growth and success of our makers, and forge distinctive partnerships that can help build a new appreciation of craft in the 21st century.


The Room Service

The Room Service was founded by hotel lover, travel junkie and design enthusiast Sophie Coryton. Inspired by her adventures trying to track down a beautiful lamp she had seen in a hotel on her travels, she wanted to find a way to make it easier to get your hands on beautiful things showcased in hotels, restaurants and design-led spaces. She literally had a lightbulb moment and the idea for The Room Service was born - a treasure trove of carefully curated products ‘as seen in’ the beautiful places we have visited, admired and love.