In order to create the best possible items, we have a consultation process involving leather selection and detailed outlines of everything needed before the work starts. Through every step, from concept to delivery, we run the whole production. Creating a bespoke item is an extremely rewarding experience and one that is hard to replicate.

Our bespoke service is entirely customised and tailored to suit your needs. We create bags and accessories that match perfectly with any lifestyle. From bicycle tool rolls to leather wrapped furniture, from photography backpacks to an architects portfolio we consider every detail to create something that is designed solely for you

Linings - Depending on the functionality and needs of the piece, we use a variety of lambskins, pigskins and suedes in a full range of colours.

Leather - We source any leather for the job in hand, taking into account the purpose of each piece and the styling required.

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Antique restoration and replication - We have recovered leather items that are over a hundred years old. It is possible to restore or replicate many of the antique handmade leather goods used in either hunting sports or the military.

Dying and Colour - Vegetable tanned leather is very responsive to dying. The OTZI studio has a range of natural and synthetic dyes to produce a perfect colour that will age beautifully over time.

Furniture -  Using our experience from working with such British designers as Bill Amberg and Rupert Bevan, we have accrued a wide range of skills and techniques. Specialising in leather, we can facilitate the design, production and installation of bespoke furniture, from one-off pieces to large runs. 

Personalisation - Our collection of antique patterning tools is always growing and allows for the creation of limitless shapes and designs. We also have custom antique lettering tools and can facilitate gold foiling onto leather, giving you the option to add the personal touch to your product.

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