1 Millimetre 

Working closely with design studio 1 millimetre to create full thickness leather slings for their Drape and Pinch chairs, the challenge was to develop comfortable and striking designs that used both traditional and unconventional leather working techniques. The hand bent tubular steel frame comes apart and the leather sleeves can be slid onto the cross rails so they can be interchanged. Shown both at London Design Festival and Amman Design festival in 2016.

Drape Armchair

Using the undulating forms of a curtain as it hangs from a pole, this chair uses a mix of precision geometry and origami patterns to create a complex shape from a single piece of Tuscan vegetable tanned leather. A combination of oxidised brass sail eyelets and leather ties keep the leather in place. The seat breaks in quickly and adopts a more ergonomic shape over time. Contrary to the appearance it is extremely comfortable.


Pinch Armchair

Starting with the idea that a seating position could be made from a flat surface using a pitching action, this chair uses only copper rivets and vegetable tanned leather cord to create a floating seat that is has both the structured feel of an armchair and the relaxed, hammock feel of a traditional sling chair. The wonderful grain of the vegetable tanned leather is displayed fully and sits in contrast to the polished copper frame.